Beau Knutson's World Record 2012 Archery Mule Deer

Elk Hunting - Late Season

While most are wrapped up with their hunting for the year, some of you still have some business (hunting) left unfinished.  While we think we've seen all the big stuff hit the dirt for 2012, you're still gonna see some trophies go down between now and the end of the late year. Even though many elk and deer will be broke, consider some of the largest B&C trophies have been taken in the late season.  This is true of David Dierdrick's elk taken with Doyle Moss and company (Mossback) in 2000. His 412-inch net bull held the Utah state record for 5 years.

Elk hunting - 6 late season tips for better success

This issue we have a great article written by Doyle that talks about 6 key points for hunting in the late season.  They're words of wisdom and hold some great advice for having success in your late season hunts.  I've posted the article and you can read about it here >> Doyle Moss, 6 Tips for Late Season Elk Hunting


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