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If you are an avid hunter or dream about becoming one, then Hunting Illustrated is your magazine! Whether you enjoy the casual, weekend haunt around home, or prefer the exotic, far-reaching hunts, Hunting Illustrated will bring the stories to you! In addition, we do extensive product research and seek out the best gear to present in the pages of our magazine to guide you to the finest hunting gear available. We have editors that provide you with tips to enhance your physical abilities, hunting techniques, and alert you to current events that may affect your hunting future. In addition, we welcome and include stories and photographs from our readers in every magazine. We are confident that every issue of Hunting Illustrated Magazine will contain valuable information that will help you to become a more effective, ethical hunter.


editor john mogleJohn Mogle, Managing Editor

John grew up in a small town in central Utah and has been an avid hunter his entire life. His personal and professional pursuits have always been centered on the hunting arena, being an avid trophy hunter. In addition to Hunting Illustrated Magazine, John co-hosts H.I. TV on the Sportsmans Channel. He also owns Fierce Firearms, a company committed to providing the finest and most affordable custom rifle on the market. He also owns Rizzini USA, the exclusive import company for the Rizzini shotguns out of Italy.


matt mogle1Matt Mogle, Art Director

Matt grew up in Gunnison, Utah and has specialized his talents in the multi-media fields and computer science. His design skills are evident in every issue of Hunting Illustrated, as well as on H.I. TV. He is an avid sportsman and family man. He has hunted all over the world and employs ethics in his fair pursuit of trophy animals.


hi courtney craneCourtney Crane, Field Editor/Advertising Sales

Courtney grew up in a rural town in central Utah and lives for every minute in the field. He serves as a member of our pro staff and handles our advertising pursuits. His professional career has extensive experience in the advertising arena and he now brings his skills and experience to the Hunting Illustrated team. His personal career revolves around hunting pursuits which serves to make him a valuable asset to our team.


hi ted nugent

Ted Nugent, Columnist

Ted Nugent has been a life-long hunter and outdoor enthusiast and is dedicated to preserving our great outdoor heritage for future generations. Nugent, along with wife Shemane, regularly hosts hunts for sick and terminally ill children with Hunt of a Lifetime, Hunt for a Cure, and via his own Kamp for Kids.  A recipient of myriad commendations from state police, sheriff departments, FBI and police agencies, Nugent has been lauded for his Freedom’s Angels Foundation benefitting our troops, along with work as a national spokesman for D.A.R.E., Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Pass It On Outdoor Mentors Program.


hi scott grangeScott Grange, Columnist

Scott Grange is the Shooting Promo Manager with Browning Arms and is responsible for developing relationships and introducing new products to the outdoor writing community through seminars, press releases, trade shows and shooting events. He also develops shooting promotions programs, to include pro staff, youth shooting, and shooting range arsenals. Scott represents Browning Arms on various boards including NSCA, ATA, PITA, Kids and Clays, and Warriors Afield Legacy Foundation.


hi ron spomerRon Spomer, Columnist

Ron Spomer is a dedicated hunter who has spent over 36 years embracing all the outdoors has to offer. In his words, “I've photographed, hiked, hunted and fished across much of this planet, seen the beauty that everyone should see, survived adventures that everyone should experience. I may not have climbed the highest mountains, canoed the wildest rivers,caught the largest fish or shot the biggest bucks. But, perhaps like you, I've tried. And that's the essential thing. Being out there, participating.” “It's not what we do; it's who we are. We walk, we sing, we love, we dance, we hunt. Certainly we hunt for food, but we also hunt to nurture our souls.” 


hi les johnsonLes Johnson, Columnist

Les Johnson, one of the best predator callers and sponsor of “Predator Quest” has been on a quest since childhood, a quest that has honed his skills as an outdoorsman and given him a rich life pursuing his true passion predator hunting. Born and raised on a south-central Nebraska farm, Les experienced nature first-hand. Trapping with his grandfather Herbert “Fox” Johnson introduced him to the coyote and gave shape to his passion. Les secured the Triple Crown Championship of coyote calling in 1999. As the first and only coyote caller to win all three major championships (Midwest, National and World Championships), let alone the first and only to win all three in the same year, Les secured his place in coyote-calling history.


hi michael burrell

Mike Burrell, Columnist

Michael Burrell is a wildlife biologist by trade, but in his free time he can be found following his 3 children across the west chasing animals and adventure. Michael has lived and learned to hunt successfully in Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and most recently Wyoming. Although his philosophy is: the most exciting game animal to hunt is the one you're pursuing presently, whether it be cottontail rabbits or bighorn sheep, he has the deepest respect for the mule deer. Whether it be in the Colorado Rockies, the sage desert of Oregon, or the high tops of Wyoming, you can bet he'll be following the trail of the iconic muley.


hi josh dahlke

Josh Dahlke, Columnist

Josh Dahlke is an accomplished hunter, writer and editor with a burning dedication to the outdoor lifestyle. He has traveled to numerous states and countries to go after game animals—big and small—with a variety of hunting tools. Dahlke is a self-proclaimed “carnivore” who grew up learning how to use a knife at his family’s 100-year-old farm in Central Minnesota. He’s the communications and media director for ScoutLook, and a regular contributor to numerous national hunting publications.


hi jimmy hermanJimmy Herman, Fitness Editor

Jimmy has been featured in several publications not only for music but also his passion for hunting.  From hunting whitetails in Wisconsin at age twelve to bowhunting to feed his family now, Jimmy sees hunting as a way of life. He has been training as a hunter consistently for over fourteen years and has taken numerous impressive North American Big Game animals across the country. "Training is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to hunting. I train so I am in the best shape possible and can stand against any elements that are barriers between me and successfully harvesting an animal," Jimmy says. "I hunt because I love the hunt. I love the challenge. I love the beauty in the animals," he says.