Ballantyne Trophy Safaris


Ballantyne Safaris has been operating since 1975 and is a family run operation. They are situated in the beautiful and historic Eastern Cape of South Africa. The Eastern Cape is home to over 30 plains game species. These animals range from the tiny Blue Duiker to the large Cape Eland. There is a large diversity of terrain, ranging from the mountains to the Karoo plains right down to the coastal forests.

The Eastern Cape is a Malaria and Bilhazia free area. Hunting is done all year round, the best times being from March to October. You can expect to have some rain while you are hunting so a light rain coat will be useful.

  • PACKAGE 1 - $4,6505 trophies, 2 management animals, 6 days 1X1. 1 kudu, 1 blesbuck, 1 impala, 1 springbuck OR mountain reedbuck, OR duiker OR Steenbok, 1 Zebra OR hartebeest.
  • INCLUDES: Includes everything but air travel and gratuity and is only package in Africa at this price that includes kudu and zebra. Trophy Cape Buffalo $11,900 with any plains game package. Management cape buffalo (Mature, hard boss, under 34") $10,500.
  • DATES: Call for dates: (435) 528-5080
  • CONTACT: (470) 771-CAPE -

Hunt Trophy Whitetails in Northern Canada

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Come hunt giant northern whitetail deer in northern Saskatchewan. We have a few spots still available for this northern Saskatchewan hunt. You will be hunting deer ranging from 170-250+ gross B&C. These deer have big bodies and huge racks! Last years overall average of 61 hunters was 222 gross B&C. The hunt is priced at $6,995 plus 5% GST. Hunt is all inclusive after arrival in camp. Space is very limited! Join the HI crew on the hunt and possibly appear on a future airing of Hunting Illustrated TV. Guaranteed shot opportunities. Great food. Private guest room/washroom accomodations.

  • RATE$8000 $6,995 for 170-250+ class whitetail
  • TRANSPORTATION: Travel to hunt camp near Cold Lake Alberta (not included in price)
  • DATES: Call for dates: (435) 528-5080



Deep into some of the most remarkable country in the Yukon, you'll find one of the best moose hunts available. John Mogle states "This is one of the best hunts I've ever been on! I saw over 15 mature bulls in the five days I hunted! Both my partner and I harvested great bulls! Shawn and his wife were great to accomodate us and I look forward to going back."

  • AVAILABILITY: 1-2 spots
  • TROPHY SIZE: 60"+
  • DATES: Sept. 29-Oct 10 (other dates can potentially be arranged)
  • INCLUDES: Transportation from Whitehorse to camp. Guide hunts with Argos, horses or boats
  • EXCLUSIONS: Trophy fees (only charged if animal is harvested): Griz (available in addition) - $7,250, Caribou (available in addition) - $6,000
  • TRANSPORTATION: Hunter is responsible for travel to Whitehorse.
  • PRICE $23,200 Sale: $19,200

CALL TO BOOK: (435) 528-5080



The Mescalero is one of the premier areas to hunt elk in the world. You will be chasing screaming, bugling bulls from sun up to sun down on this one of a kind rut hunt. The pinion pines and high mountains of the Mescalero are home to some of the biggest trophy elk in New Mexico. You can hunt elk with the weapon of your choice and a black bear tag is included on your hunt. You will see wild turkeys, antelope, mule deer and even wild horses on this magical hunt. The Inn of the Mountain Gods Hotel and Casino will be your camping spot so you may actually want to consider bringing your significant other on this pampered hunt.

  • TROPHY SIZE: 345 + Average
  • DATES: 1st Hunt - September 12-16, 2nd Hunt September 18-22, 3rd Hunt - September 24-28
  • INCLUDES: Tag fees, standard meat processing, trophy prep, meals and hotel room
  • TRANSPORTATION: Fly into either El Paso, Texas or Albuquerque, New Mexico RATE: $13,500
  • EXCLUSIONS: Transportation from airport to hotel

CALL TO BOOK: (435) 528-5080



On this hunt you will be in the top of the Rocky Mountains hunting bugling bulls. The hunt is during the rut so you will have a chance to call them in close. There is 100% opportunity on this hunt as you will see several mature bulls every day. The outfitter will work hard for you and you will have fun on this hunt.

  • AVAILABILITY: 2 spots only!
  • TROPHY SIZE: 300-335 average
  • DATES: Rifle - Oct. 24-28, Nov. 3-7  |  Archery  - September 10-14.
  • INCLUDES: 2x1 hunting (100% opportunity). All meal accommodations and travel provided once at camp.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Hunter is responsible for travel to camp.
  • EXCLUSIONS: Out-of-state Colorado license is not included.
  • PRICE: $5,500

CALL TO BOOK: (435) 528-5080



Hunt the vast plains game of South Africa while enjoying first class lodging with beautiful views across this arid landscape. Sadaka Safaris is a proven hunting concession that is located in the heart of South African Hunting Safaris. Winding through the thick terrain, you'll cut a variety of tracks and see plenty of plains game daily that will include Kudu, Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala, Warthog, Nyala, Hartebeest and many more.

  • TROPHY SIZE: Vary depending on species
  • INCLUDES: Qualified PH, lion dogs, pursuit transportation and lunch.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Fly to Johannesburg and picked up by outfitter
  • RATE: Package pricing varies
  • EXCLUSIONS: Trophy shipment, gratuities 

CALL TO BOOK: (435) 528-5080