Arrow Anatomy

A look at the arrow from broadhead to nock

By Jim Burnsworth

My father was a great man. He was always my champion and made me feel very special and important my entire life. He was patient and took his time to make sure he answered all of my thousands of questions about anything and everything. He taught me the importance of words, their meaning, and the effect that they had on people. He was an amazing man in many ways and accomplished great things in his life. He worked on 27 cars that all broke world records, designed and built full-motion videophones, had multiple patents in color corrections and was “man of the decade” in the video industry at one time. One of the many things that I learned from him and apply to my life and success on a daily basis is how to think. I learned this primarily from his example as he worked through so many obstacles that life threw his way. Since I can remember, I’ve always had the need to know and understand how and why things work. This coupled with my “ADHD” has been an interesting combination that I’ve come to realize is one of the blessings in my life. I’ve used my technical understanding and thinking on just about every project that I’ve accomplished in my life.

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