Jason Matzinger Interview

Jason Matzinger was on his way out of the Alaskan bush when I managed to connect with him. He was departing from a grueling 12-day hunt for a grizzly bear with an unpunched tag in his pocket. Magzinger, 37, is the real deal. As host of “Into High Country” on Sportsman Channel, he has forged a career around enthralling the masses with a high-definition look into his exciting life.  

Question: You didn’t get your bear. What happened?
: It was a tough year for bears up here. Alaska has had an unseasonable amount of rain this year, making it hard for the bears to catch salmon. Most all the bears we saw were up high eating blueberries at the very top of the mountains. I was confident we could make it happen, but our guide wasn't nearly as ambitious as us. I did manage to take a beautiful white wolf, which is a lot more rare than killing a griz, so that was awesome!

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Celebrity Hunter - Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan never stops moving. As a dedicated family man, conservationist, farmer and touring country music star, it’s amazing the man finds time to hunt. But that’s how I first met Morgan—decked out in camo in a South Florida turkey hunting camp. He was humble and all smiles, but dead serious about knocking down gobblers and gators. Despite the hopes of me and other hunters in camp, he never busted out his guitar. A few years later, I was finally able to witness the musician side of Morgan during an emotional performance at a Folds of Honor event. Recently, on the cusp of releasing a new album, Morgan and I caught up to see what’s going on in his full-throttle life.

HI: You’re on the road right now, playing concert dates for your brand new album and single. This is an exciting time! Let’s hear about the journey you’ve been on with this fresh release.

hi75 cs craig morgan 02

Mr. Morgan took down this majestic black bear in Alberta.

Morgan: I’ve got a renewed energy with this record. It’s called A Whole Lot More To Me. As a country singer, we sometimes get stereotyped as nothing but trucks and tailgates, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to us. I want people to hear this record and go, ‘Wow, there is a whole lot more to these country folks.’”

HI: I had a chance to listen to “I’ll Be Home Soon.” It’s a beautiful track and a well-chosen radio single. What are some of the other standout songs on the album?

Morgan: I’m just back from a USO Tour and “I’ll Be Home Soon” really connected with all the troops we visited across the world. I think all of these songs will really resonate with people in one way or another. “Country Side of Heaven” is a favorite of mine. It has a very charismatic, inspirational vibe about it — but not preachy. The energy feels spiritual by the time you get to the end and there’s an emotional attachment within you that makes you want to hear it again and again.

HI: How’s life as a touring musician?

Morgan: It’s not all fun and games. It’s a job and a business, and you’ve got to look at it that way. Now, it’s a fun job, but it’s work. I’m on the road 260-280 days a year. I try to only do 80-100 touring shows in a year.

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