Is your Truck Ready for the Hunts?

Series: Professional Hunting Gear Guide

By Lone Wolf

Close your eyes for a moment… In your mind’s eye join with me as we create the setting.  The stadium filled with thousands of crazed fight fans.  Two warriors pace their corners mentally prepping for battle.  The loud flamboyant ring announcer, microphone in hand, issues the challenge to everyone present including the fighters to mentally evaluate…  ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE???   Very few five-word combos cause the mind such dynamic introspection.   Depending on our internal scoreboard, emotions can run the entire gambit from excitement to confidence to OH $#*% !!!  Trust me, I have landed on just about every point along this spectrum throughout my hunting years.  There are very few feelings worse than being 37 miles from the nearest paved road, no cell phone service, it’s almost dark, temperatures dropping, you're all alone, and your truck is dead. Now what?  Am I ready and prepared?   That pesky internal scoreboard has officially hit 0:00 on the timer.   What is your score?  How does your stomach feel???

One of my top preseason priorities is making sure I have what I need in my truck for any type of situation, whether it is a survival situation, quick truck fix, or hunting gear maintenance.  My preparation is rooted in my own experiences and hundreds of years of bacon-saving-wisdom from the fine folks within my hunting circles.  In a series of upcoming mini-articles, my hope is to save at least one hunter from the consequences of not being prepared.  All hunting preparations must start with the mothership.  Let’s discuss the supplies in my truck.

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