Best Blind Bags

Picture this: you’re out hunting in the same forest that you’ve been in all day. You’re stalking this beautiful, majestic deer who’s been grazing on leaves and shoots for a couple of minutes. You edge closer to get a more accurate shot, but you step on a twig which lets off a thunderous crack beneath you. 

The creature's eyes snap up in your direction and you pounce to the ground, but your black bag sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the trees and the deer prances off into the distance, and you return home after failing miserably. All because you didn’t have a handy blind bag. 

Preparation is key, especially when you’re going on all day trips that can be eventful and tricky to plan for. For this reason, it’s important to own a trusted bag that can hold a suitable amount of equipment for those annoying ‘just in case’ moments. 

The best blind bags will have multiple compartments to store all your must-haves in, so that you can have both hands free in case of an emergency. For those moments where you want to turn invisible, we’ve come up with a list of the best blind bags on the market at the moment. 

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A blind bag should be lightweight, easy to navigate whilst still holding all the essentials that you might need on your adventure, which is why we’ve chosen ALPS OutdoorZ Ranger Day Pack as our top pick. 

Here are a few reasons why we think this is the best blind bag: 

  • High product quality and reasonable price point. 
  • The bag is sized well - not too big that you’ll be struggling to keep it on your back for the day after you overloaded it, but not too small that you find yourself stranded without vital equipment. 
  • It features a large front accessory and main pocket, the front organizational pocket, padded shoulder straps for comfort, a webbing handle for easy carrying and bartacked webbing that gives multiple attachment points.

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Best Blind Bags - Reviews

The most affordable blind bag on our list, the ALPS Outdoorz Ranger Day Pack is a great entry-level pack for smaller excursions. With 1450 cubic inches of space, there’s plenty of room to pack your essential gear for the day without overdoing it. 

The front pocket helps keep supplies separate so you won’t have to waste time rummaging about in your bag and the daisy chain across the front provides a place to tie a few larger items that you don’t want taking up space inside the bag. 

The main features of the Ranger Day Pack are the large front accessory and main pocket, the front organizational pocket, padded shoulder straps for comfort, a webbing handle for easy carrying and bartacked webbing that gives multiple attachment points. 

With dimensions of 17 x 13 x 2 inches, this backpack is definitely on the smaller size intended for day trips and shorter adventures, and the quality and low price point create an attractive advert for the Ranger Day Pack.


  • Comfortable straps enable you to use the bag for long periods of time before taking it of
  • Smaller size means you won't accidentally overpack your equipment and end up carrying around more things than you need
  • Low noise, soft material and no moisture gets in after a long day of use


  • Smaller size may not carry more than the essentials
  • Material is considered cheaper and therefore might break easier

The Handgunner Backpack is freestanding and is ideal for use when you need both hands available. The bag comes with a foam pistol cradle that can hold four handguns securely in a vertical position by the trigger guard. 

This is a great feature but can be removed if it’s not needed. The vertical format allows for easy access and the foam offers a soft but sturdy protection around the guns when in transport.

Easy to reach pockets are included for your more frequently used items and twin side pockets can hold up to six magazines each. 

This bag includes a pull out waterproof cover to ensure your possessions are safe even in the worst weather conditions. Lockable, heavy duty zippers on the main compartment provide security and peace of mind when travelling with it. 

The Handgunner Backpack also comes equipped with a visual ID storage system and specialized velour lined front pockets to protect valuables such as your shooting glasses and ear pieces.


  • Labelled pockets to get the most efficient layout of your blind bag
  • Weight distributed vertically means your back will get fatigued slower and the bag will be more maneuverable and lightweight
  • 13 pockets mean that anything you could possibly need to carry with you will have a space


  • Foam proves difficult to fit some handguns, however users have customized it to be able to fit three instead of four by cutting away some of the foam
  • Some users claim that their bag has broken in under less than a year

Explorer has made this blind bag the perfect size to hold all the necessary range and duty items whilst still being compact enough that it can easily be carried around or stored in a vehicle as a go-bag. 

The bag is padded to ensure your valuables remain safe through your potentially hectic sporting sessions. Included in the design are a number of pocket types, gear loops and compartments so that you can organise everything to your desire, making access easy and quick for high pressure situations. 

The bag is made from 1000 D heavy-duty ballistic nylon which includes a roll-up, double zippered flap with hook and loop closure for quick and easy entry. 

This 16 x 11 x 10 inch model consists of 13 padded and protected compartments, including an ID pocket, two cylindrical pockets and two weapon pockets with center support straps. 

Explorer has designed this blind bag with law enforcement and tactical operators in mind, so you can rest assured that your new bag is made of the highest quality and will withstand the harshest of conditions.


  • Comes in 15 different camo designs so you can tailor your bag to your tastes and where you’ll be using it most
  • Can fit up to twelve pistols
  • Well made with heavy duty zippers that can be padlocked for security reasons


  • Reviewers state that it is smaller than the image led them to believe
  • A few users have had to send this bag back due to straps breakin

Similar to the G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack, the Tactical Range Backpack is free standing and ideal for hands free transportation. There are three separate pistol storage cases which are padded and offer storage space for one pistol and four magazines each. 

These are removable if you’d like to use the space for other equipment, making the Tactical Range Backpack versatile and usable in a number of different situations. The exterior is made from 1000D polyester that's been treated with DuPont Teflon fabric protectant and features MOLLE webbing. 

The rigid frame of this bag along with the lockable zippers ensure that your equipment remains secure and safe. Also included is a visual ID storage system, clearly marked pockets for ear plugs, glasses, ear muffs, tools and more. Along with the bag you get a waterproof cover that can be pulled out in rainy weather to keep the contents dry and in optimal condition. 

The front pocket unzips all the way so that you can drop it flat to the ground to act as a working surface. Finally, the Tactical Range Backpack is equipped with a chest strap and padded waist belt so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off or having to adjust the straps every two minutes.


  • Three pistol holders that can be removed for extra space for other equipment or to remove some weight
  • Comes with a waterproof pull out so you’ll never be caught out by the weather
  • Well constructed with high quality materials whilst still being lightweight at 2.08 ounces


  • Top compartment is small and doesn’t have the ability to merge the two main pockets to make one big compartment
  • Some users think the straps could be longer

Unlike the other blind bags on our list, the ALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe is designed to float on water. This is perfect for hunting waterfowl and for people who like the idea of their possessions floating next to them instead of being confined on their backs. The waterproof sealed membrane on the main compartment will keep your gear and ammo dry, so you don’t have to go home with half the lake in your bag. 

Designed with carry handles and a hands-free option of the padded shoulder strap, this bag offers to give your back a break and put the weight more on your shoulders. 

This makes this a great alternative to users who suffer from back problems or don’t want to have to faff around taking a backpack off each time they need a piece of equipment. 

On the inside of the ALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe is a fitted clear pocket designed to keep your valuables safe, such as your phone, maps, license and other essential gear. The bag is made of non-absorbing closed-cell foam meaning it won’t be soaking up any water whilst you’re in the water. 

The interior is made up of removable interior dividers, a hard sunglasses case and a multitude of pockets to give you countless organization options.


  • Comes in both standard size and large so you can decide which size will fit your needs best
  • Best blind bag for hunting waterfowl as it can float on the water so you can concentrate on prey without being weighted down
  • Lots of room in the main compartment for all types of different equipment


  • You would most likely not realize waterproof sealed membrane had gone until it was too late
  • Shoulder bag may put too much pressure on one shoulder and cause pain

Best Blind Bags - Buyers Guide


Perhaps the most important factor when looking to buy a new blind bag is the durability, as there is no point splashing out on a fancy looking bag that breaks the second time it feels the open air. 

As blind bags are often used for prolonged amounts of time during outdoor activities, such as hunting, it’s important that you find a bag that can withstand unpredictable weather. 

Waterproofing is a big part of this, as if you find yourself in a downpour of rain you’d better hope that your bag isn’t filling up with water and your gear isn’t getting ruined. If you’ve gone for a floating style then it’s a given that it should be waterproof, but make sure you check thoroughly for piece of mind. 


Whilst we’re on the topic of floating styles, you should think about your priorities and what you’re going to be using your blind bag mostly for. If it is something that involves a lot of water, like hunting waterfowl, you should consider getting a floater, whereas if you’re more of a dry land type of person you may want to have your gear on you the whole time. 

If you’re going for a floating style make sure you check the advert properly and get confirmation that it is in fact a floater, as some bags say they are for water activities but don’t actually float. Going in the water with a bag not designed for it could really ruin your day. 


Would a backpack be more beneficial to you or would a shoulder strap suffice? How many compartments would suit your needs best? A backpack can be easier to transport and distribute the weight better on your back rather than a shoulder strap that could put too much pressure on one side of your body, but a shoulder bag could have more room to store all your gear. 

A bigger bag with more compartments may sound more beneficial at the time, however there's a higher chance of you overpacking it and straining yourself hauling it around. 

Depending on your individual needs and use for the blind bag, decide which type would suit you better and be mindful when packing that you’re not overdoing it. 


Your blind bag may be used in several different environments that may not all look the same, so choose the design with this in mind. A tan-colored camouflage is going to stick out like a sore thumb in a forest, so research the colors of where you’ll be needing to disappear the most. 

Obviously you can’t get a bag to cater for each individual setting, so choose one that will work in your most used or favorite settings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blind bag?

Blind bags are used mainly for outdoor excursions and sports, hunting being the most popular. Their camouflage exterior makes for an excellent piece of equipment when you’re wanting not to be seen by your long awaited prey. 

They are often spacious but lightweight so that you can carry all of your necessary equipment (and some spares for good measure) whilst still being able to wear it for long periods of time without hurting your back. Most models are waterproof to withstand heavy weather downpours and others are designed to float next to you when hunting waterfowl.  

Do you need a blind bag for hunting?

Although you don’t necessarily need a blind bag for a successful hunting trip, they certainly help by taking a load off your mind. Ammunition, calls, hats and gloves are just some of the smaller pieces of equipment you’ll need which can easily get lost due to their size. 

Furthermore, forgetting equipment is extremely frustrating and can ruin a good hunt. A blind bag can help prevent both of these situations from happening as they often have lots of pockets designed for organization of small bits and you can pre-pack your blind bag so you’re less likely to forget anything. 

Blind bags are purposely designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to use, making them superior to regular rucksacks. A good blind bag will enable you to reach your essential equipment easily and won’t weigh you down on your long adventures. 

They have also been designed with hunting in mind, so they should be durable, waterproof and camouflaged. They should also be big enough to hold all the essentials whilst not exaggerating your size.

Why should blind bags be camouflaged?

Most animals, including waterfowl and game animals, are intelligent beings who know their territory and will often notice a change to their environment. 

A camouflage bag may not help you catch more prey, but it will reduce the chance of you spooking your prey or being spotted by the animal and therefore ruining your hunt.