Best Scope For 338 Lapua | Ultimate Guide To Top Rated .338 Lapua Scopes

How do you find the best scope for a 300 Win Mag?

Well, you can either read every review in the world, balance possibilities, potentials and price-points against your personal list of particular requirements, and spend nights balancing options…

…Or you can use our guide to the best scope for 300 Win Mag. It’s less than five thousand words long, gives you all the points you need to know, and you can be done, the scope ordered and on its way, in time for lunch.

Your choice.

Still here? OK, let’s get to it.

You remember we mentioned a list of personal requirements?

Make one.

What are you going to use the 300 Win Mag for? Do you need the best hunting scope for the gun? Or the best competition scope? Do you need a rugged scope that can laugh at the weather?

Do you need it to be pinpoint accurate at long range? Ask yourself all the questions you can think of about who you are as a shooter (Focal plane preference? Low-light shooter?), and you’ll have a list of what the best scope for your 300 Win Mag looks like.

Then compare and balance your requirements against out straightforward list of the best scopes for the 300 Win Mag on the market, and you’ll be much closer to pressing the ‘buy’ button on the scope of your dreams.

In a hurry?
This is our Winner!

Best Scope For 300 Win Mag - Comparison Table

Best Scope For 300 Win Mag - Reviews

Our top pick for best scope for 300 Win Mag has lot of features that push it ahead of the pack. It combines a long eye relief with a forgiving eye box, and lets shooters find their targets rapidly.

The lenses in the Crossfire II are anti-reflective and multicoated, and the scope adds capped, hand-adjustable reset turrets for extra precision. But the turrets can also be reset to zero after you’ve sighted your target.

What Features Make This The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag?

Above and beyond anything else, a few features stand out in the Crossfire II. It has a very durable construction in a single tube – the monotubular construction means it’s relatively compact compared to some scopes on the market, but also gives it a simplicity and strength that’s enviable.

The scope is shockproof, waterproof and fog-proof, with O-ring seals and nitrogen purging to make sure nothing alters with any of those protections. Hunters, take note of these rugged elements.

The scope also delivers extremely good pictures in the sight, which are usually both bright and clear. Add a fast-focus eyepiece so users can find and focus on their targets rapidly, and you’ve got yourself an impressive scope. Make sure the scope also has a long eye relief to reduce tension in the shooter, and it becomes our favorite on the market.

As we say, this is a fantastic scope for hunters for its anything-proofing elements and sturdy construction, but it also makes enough sense for competition shooters to let us recommend it as our overall leader.

Why Online Reviewers Think This Is The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag

Reviewers have plenty of good things to say about the Crossfire II.

The long eye relief and fast-focus eyepiece get a lot of love from gun-owners online. They appreciate the bright sight pictures and the fit and finish of the scope – not often something gun-owners single out for comment. But first, most and always, the reviewers love the lenses.

More often than not, the difference between an OK scope and a great scope comes down to the lenses, and reviewers appreciate the multicoated lenses in the Crossfire II. Resettable turrets score highly as an attractive feature too, and overall, users find the scope gives good value for their scope-dollar.

The combination of features, quality build and engineering, innovation and an achievable price point makes the Crossfire II our best buy in this list.

Next on our list, the Zeiss Victory V8. It’s a compact scope, with a very broad range of magnification, from 1.8x-14x, that means you’ll be able to accurately hit targets both very near and satisfyingly far.

It’s a Zeiss, so really high-quality lenses are a given, but here, the combination of that impressive glass and extremely high light transmission leads to super clarity in the scope, without sacrificing ease of use.

What Features Make This The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag?

Again, with Zeiss, you’re always going to get quality lenses, but here, clarity of image and lots of light in the scope give a crisp, reliable visual in a scope that’s both compact and lightweight.

In addition to which, the impressive range of magnification makes the Zeiss Victory V8 a scope that will probably appear in all three aisles, because it brings a versatility of purpose to the 300 Win Mag market.

Why Online Reviewers Think This Is The Best Scope for 300 Win Mag

There’s lots to love about the Zeiss Victory V8, and online reviews highlight several specifics in particular.

The range of magnification is a big winner with reviewers, because it opens up the range of use of the Zeiss scope to hunters, competition shooters and even tactical shooters.

Being able to go from 1.8x all the way up to a 14x magnification gives the scope plenty of…well, scope…to serve the needs of a wide range of shooters.

The Zeiss Victory V8 also wins admirers for its compact size (13.5”) and light weight (25.6 ounces), meaning it recommends itself to all kinds of shooters on a second count.

Shooters will use heavier scopes if they need to, and if they’re sure they’re getting additional accuracy with them, but if you can get a Zeiss-quality scope for your 300 Win Mag without it weighing a ton, where’s the bad?

Ease of use is a big factor, especially in a scope with such a range of magnification. Users find the turrets easy to adjust to get impressive accuracy, and the illuminated reticle is similarly straighforward, without taking up too much of the field of view.

Hunters in particular cheer the Zeiss for its durable single-tube construction, feeling it’s a viable take-along on any hunt, without them feeling the need to protect it from the natural rigors of the shoot.

If there’s one thing users weren’t so keen on, it’s the price of the Zeiss, which can be heart-stopping when you first see it. Remember the sweet spot of functionality and available budget and approach with care – the Zeiss is undoubtedly a great scope.

But only you’ll be able to say whether it’s great enough to warrant its high sticker price.

Yes, it’s a second Vortex scope in a list of only 8, but the Razor more than earns its place.

The quality of the optic is beyond question – we’re talking HD (high density) glass, which gives the best clarity of image on the market. In addition, the lenses are fully multicoated, and the APO objective lens makes the images even crisper. So, look through this scope and you’re seeing things clearly and precisely.

The 6x zoom, while not by any means as powerful as some long range zooms, is still good enough for professional shooting and tactical operations.  

You can get precision adjustments with the Razor scope – it’s marked in ¼ MOA increments for fine tuning. The turrets are easily adjustable and lock to prevent accidental movement.

The Razor has a first focal plane illuminated reticle which can be used for ranging – a special gift when shooting at long range.

What Features Make This The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag?

The optic’s quality has to be front and center in the list of reasons to choose this scope – HD glass and the crispness added by the APO objective lens in particular make it attractive, but with the coatings on top, the Razor’s looking extra sharp.

Easily adjustable, lockable turrets are a great feature, and the ease with which you can get fine adjustments in the Razor scope is another big plus.

The quality of the reticle deserves a mention too. It might take some getting used to, but a reticle that adds in a ranging function will quickly become a favorite feature.

Why Online Reviewers Think This Is The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag

Again, reviews and gun-owners are a sucker for some high-quality glass in their scopes, and those who review the Razor are all about that clarity and crispness of image.

The Razor’s ease of use wins it plenty of fans too, because the combination of that crisp image with straightforward techniques for turret adjustment and locking make it feel like  a sports car with cruise control – it feels like a lot of scope, but you can use it through some solid, simple techniques that most 300 Win Mag shooters will already understand.

The reticle with the ranging function has some reviewers cooing. The Razor’s by no means a cheap scope, but this functionality helps some reviewers justify laying down their cash for it.

And the scope’s durability is a source of pleasure for some – again, mostly hunters, but with some tactical users appreciating the ruggedness of the aircraft-grade aluminum too.

It’s a heavier scope than some, which is a detracting factor for some reviewers, but there’s usually going to be a balance between everything you get that makes your shooting life better and an increase in weight, size and price. The Razor is a perfect example of that – it costs more than some, weighs more than some, and is bigger than some, but it brings a lot to the shooting party too.

The Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Plex is made of high quality materials and comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning the company has confidence its product will deliver you the shooting you want, time and time again.

The Fullfield II also comes with a variable-power adjustable objective, which improves the scope’s versatility, opening it up for use in a variety of shooting applications.

What Features Make This The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag?

The Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Plex scope is a one-inch tube, and uses hunter turrets, which make it both reasonably portable, precise and easy to use. It wins points too for being a one-piece construction – the fewer the number of parts, the fewer the number of parts that can go wrong or fail in crucial moments.

The scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof, has been factory tested within an inch of its life before being sold, and comes with that lifetime warranty. It’s also got a great fit and finish, meaning it not only acts the part, it looks like the best scope available for the 300 Win Mag too.

Why Online Reviewers Think This Is The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag

That full-on fit and finish turns a lot of reviewers’ heads when it comes to the Fullfield II. Similarly, they’re impressed with other non-essential elements like the scope’s lifetime warranty. When it comes down to practical use though, the variable-power adjustable objective lens makes users happy, and the one-piece construction is a feature that many appreciate too.

You’d think this came as part and parcel of the fit and finish, but lots of users separately praised the scope for how attractive it looks. With such a focus on its external appearances, you might be forgiven for thinking that the Fullfield II was a triumph of style over substance, but no – reviewers definitely have practical elements in mind like the adjustable objective lens. The prettiness of the scope is just an added, appreciated bonus.

The Vortex Optics Viper HS-T is one of an impressive line of scopes, and this example of Vortex’s commitment to scopecraft includes an MOA reticle that delivers accurate holds at extended ranges.

It also delivers all the premium multicoated optics you’ve come to expect from a Vortex scope, but this time, the optics also have extra-low dispersion lenses, which bring fantastic color fidelity to the scope, as well as impressive resolution.

XR coatings on the Viper’s lenses add enhanced light-gathering to its offering to shooters, and a final Armortek coating keeps the lenses safe from damage in rougher environments like long and unpredictable hunts.

What Features Make This The Best Scope for 300 Win Mag?

The Viper comes with a more than respectable 4X zoom, but adds side focus parallax adjustment to optimize the focusing of images and remove the confusion of parallax.

Like many Vortex scopes, it also comes with a fast-focus eyepiece, meaning the shooter can match the reticle to their own eye and get a more personalized reticle-feel.

The Viper is an O-ring sealed, Argon-purged single-piece unit, to improve its robusteness against weather, water, fog and the environment. Its exposed target-style turrets give shooters trustworthy zeroing and can be adjusted with one finger.

Finally, never mind the gizmos, feel the optics – that combination of high grade optics with low-dispersion lenses and coatings to improve the light gathering and image crispness make it an impressive offering in the 300 Win Mag scope market.

Why Online Reviewers Think This Is The Best Scope for 300 Win Mag

The VMR-1 MOA reticle gets lots of reviewers’ votes as a great addition to the Viper scope. Exposed target-style turrets are also popular, because they allow for ease of operation without much effort.

The Viper’s 4x zoom is deemed quite good enough by many reviewers, which might well be a reassuring thing to know if you’re looking at buying this scope. The Viper’s one-piece tube construction is a hit too, as is its overall construction quality.

Trijicon has a reputation for building durable scopes – even to the point of being used by the military. The TR20 is another high quality, extremely durable scope, especially well suited for hunting and tactical use.

If you’re in the market specifically for a lightweight, compact scope, you have to take a look at this – it’s just 12.2 inches long and weighs just 12.8 ounces, with an eye relief of 3.6 inches.

The reticle’s easy to use and is always illuminated via fiber optics and tritium, rather than through battery power.

It’s that slick combination of extreme durability, a pleasingly high level of technology and yet a great ease of use that make the TR20 a contender to be the best scope for 300 Win Mag.

What Features Make this the Best Scope for 300 Win Mag?

Extreme durability is Trijicon’s watchword, and the TR20 puts that ethos to work in a 300 Win Mag scope. It’s made of anodized aluminum and is waterproof to ten feet. Meanwhile the inner workings of the scope are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

There’s a good application of technology in this scope – the use of tritium and fiber optics to deliver an always-illuminated reticle in particular is a clever application of science to the needs of the modern shooter.

The reticle is straightforward too, being mil-dot crosshair style and using ¼ MOA adjustments. That means it’s easy to find your targets, and you can do some bullet drop compensation with it.

Strong construction backed by warranty, strong use of science to meet the needs of shooters, and a straightforward operating system familiar to many shooters make this a strong contender to be the best scope for your 300 Win Mag.

Why Online Reviewers Think This Is The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag

The sturdy anodized aluminum construction of this scope – and the limited lifetime warranty to protect the inner workings, impresses lots of reviewers. The always-illuminated reticle is popular with some shooters, but also splits the room, with some hunters arguing that they need a more controllable reticle illumination in some scenarios in the woods.

The familiarity and ease of use of the reticle wins fans across the board though, and has most reviewers happy with their purchase.

The Nightforce SHV has some interesting elements that make it worth considering when you’re looking for the best scope for your 300 Win Mag. Firstly, unlike many others on our list, it offers a second focal plane reticle. If SFP scopes are your thing, and they are for plenty of shooters, take a look at the Nightforce SHV.

The Nightforce has been engineered for precision performance, and gives you a broad magnification spectrum, from 4x-14x, with an objective diameter of 56mm.

The SHV offers a great field of view, whether you’re at 100 yards or 100 meters. Its objective lens delivers impressive light transmission and the scope is made from solid bar stock aluminum for strength and robustness over time. That means it has the sturdiness to stand up to the firing of the 300 Win Mag cartridge across long-term use.

In terms of its multiplicity of uses, the scope has been built to withstand changes in temperature, so wherever you are, whatever you’re firing at, the SHV should stand the heat. The lenses inside the scope can’t move in any direction – meaning there’s less vulnerability to jostling, bumps or other hazards.

While there are probably more scientifically impressive scopes on our list, if you’re looking for one that does what you need it to do and keeps on trucking, the Nightforce SHV might well be your choice for best scope for 300 Win Mag.

What Features Make This The Best Scope for 300 Win Mag?

The use of Second Focal Plane (SFP) makes it stand out from much of the crowd, and gives an alternative option to those who prefer SFP scopes. While the reticle’s not illuminated, the scope delivers great image resolution and light transmission.

Most of all though, the Nightforce is all about that durability. Take it, use it, give it everything a wilder environment can throw at it, the SHV will keep on delivering all the magnification you need, all the clarity you want and a great 300 Win Mag scope for the money.

Why Online Reviewers Think This Is The Best Scope for 300 Win Mag

Many online reviews see the light in the Nightforce scope, scoring it highly on its greedy light transmission. The resolution of images impresses them too, with some expressing surprise at how crisp the images are.

Unsurprisingly though, the key note that’s repeated time and time again in the feedback from reviewers of the Nightforce scope is durability, durability, durability. They believe in it, they use it, and they’re confirmed in their belief of the scope’s ability to deal with anything thrown at it in the course of normal shooting.

Another scope made from 6061-T6 aluminum to ensure its robustness over time, the Leupold VX-3i, like other Leupolds, brings the ‘Twilight Max’ light management system to the shooting party, using every last scrap of light in the environment to give you extra shooting time in light-compromised environments.

It also offers a three-to-one zoom ratio erector, and has a great overall fit and finish.

What Features Make This The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag?

The Leupold VX-3i has lots to recommend it, but we were particularly impressed by the twin bias spring erector system that exerts up to 30 percent more holding force than is usual.

That means it’s a highly durable scope. Added to which, it has second-generation Argon/Krypton waterproofing and fog-proofing, for extra robustness and safety in use.

Why Online Reviewers Think This Is The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag

Reviewers love the three-to-one zoom on the Leupold VX-3i, because it gives them options and shows versatility in engineering. The highly effective water and fog-proofing gets a thumbs-up from some reviewers, and the overall look of the scope impresses some others.

Overall though, most reviewers focus on the durability of the scope, describing it as being built to last and engineered to take everything it has to – which given that we’re thinking of it as a 300 Win Mag scope, and they have to put up with a lot of action, is a strong recommendation in its own right.

Best Scope For 300 Win Mag - Buyers Guide

Is The 300 Win Mag?                  

This is a fundamental question if you want to find the best scope for a 300 Win Mag. What are you dealing with, what are you working on?

The 300 Win Mag is a bottlenecked magnum rifle cartridge which has been around for almost sixty years. It’s designed to work with a standard rifle action, and it’s versatile, which makes it popular with just about every rifle shooter, be they law enforcement personnel, hunters, outdoorsmen or target shooters.

To know which 300 Win Mag scope is right for you, ask yourself one question:

  • What do you need the scope you’re buying to do for you?
  • The answer to that should immediately suggest more questions.
  • Are you shooting long range?
  • Are you primarily hunting?
  • Or would the best scope for a 300 Win Mag for target-shooting make you happiest?

Once you know the answers, you’ll be on your way to finding the best scope for a 300 Win Mag for your purposes.

Finding The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag

The best scope for 300 Win Mag is the one that best does the things you want it to do. That’s why we asked you to decide what you need the scope to deliver to make your shooting life and experience happier, more successful and more fulfilled.

Long range? You’re going down the first aisle in the gun store in your mind, a land of precision scopes for distance shooting.

Hunting? Aisle 2, rugged outdoor scopes including weatherproofing.

Tactical? Step right this way into aisle 3, where all your tactical scoping dreams come true.

Why are we separating you out and sending you down different aisles? Simple – buying the best scope for a 300 Win Mag is tricky. It depends on what you’re using the scope for, and it also depends on finding the sweet spot where your available budget and your need for quality build and functionality meet. That spot’s going to be different depending on what you’re using the scope for, because purpose dictates the usefulness of one functionality or another.

So down the aisles you go. Trust us, we’re saving you homework time in the long run.

Shopping For The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag

The best scope for your 300 Win Mag might well not be the same as the best scope for your neighbour’s 300 Win Mag. They may be down a different aisle to you. Even if they’re in the same aisle, you and they may have different answers to the next set of questions, the next branches on the tree of answers that lead you to your perfect scope. What features do you want your scope to have? What are your reticle preferences? Do you need built-in durability? Pinpoint accuracy? Do you need your turrets to be adjustable in a particular way? Are you MOA till you die, or are you all about the MIL?

If you’re looking for the best scope for 300 Win Mag for long range shooting, it’s fair to say accurate optics are going to be up there near the top of your requirements list.

Best hunting scope for 300 Win Mag? You’re going to be target-focused, so anything and everything that helps you hit a moving target consistently is going to be on your list. The specifics of your shooting life will lead you towards your best scope for a 300 Win Mag. It may not be the same as ours, but we’re betting it’ll be on our list somewhere.

Have you chosen the best scope for 300 Win Mag yet? Hopefully, we’ve at least made the choice easier for you.

Remember - if you’re looking for the best scope for 300 Win Mag for long range shooting, focus on scopes with precision optics. Whereas if you’re looking for the best scope for 300 Win Mag as a hunting instrument, focus on a scope that helps you make several repeatable shots under the stress of the hunting environment. We’ve given you a handful of the best available contenders. The choice of the best scope for a 300 Win Mag though ultimately comes down to your shooting, your needs.

Remember your list. Ask yourself as many questions about your hunting experience as you can. Durability or precision, which is most important to you? – don’t overthink it, just answer. First focal plane or second? Answer instinctively. What kind of reticle do you prefer? What kind of turret adjustments? MIL or MOA?

Are there feature you must have? Features you’d like if possible? And of course, never forget your budget, because that will ultimately dictate the realism of your scope dreams. Get your list together, and choose from our range of best available options according to how well they meet your needs.

Every Scope Is Different… And Only One Is The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag For You

First, write your list of favorite things, things it would be great to have if there’s enough in the budget, etc. Write them down a page in decreasing order of importance.

Then, on the top of the page, write out your scope budget, ideally with a plus or minus element in case the perfect scope comes up and you just need a little wiggle room to get it.

You’re ultimately looking to get as much of what you want and need as possible, for the budget you have.

Don’t rush the process. You could find a scope that offers you some of what you want, within your budget, right away. Note it down with the reasons it’s a contender, but don’t just jump on the ‘buy’ button. Wait until you’ve seen the short list of available options – we’ve given you eight here, which is probably short enough.

Remember – focus on how you’re going to use the scope, and on your own shooting profile and personality, and match the scope to your needs.

Finding The Best Scope For 300 Win Mag Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Once you’ve done your homework, you should have an even shorter list than our top eight options, because you’ll have discarded those that don’t match your personal shooting profile. Then it’s almost as easy as choosing what you want for dinner tonight – pizza or chicken wings? Robust construction or a high-tech reticle? Or both?

Ultimately, the scope you choose should make you happy. It should offer you an improved shooting experience, and it should add to the pleasure of shooting.

Value for money, in scope-shopping as in everything else, isn’t just about paying the most, or getting the thing that everybody else wants. It’s about finding the scope that does as much of what you want it to, for the money you have available. Happy shopping, and happier shooting!