Best Wool Clothing For Hunting

If you tend to find that you ‘knit’ pick when it comes to finding the perfect wool hunting gear, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. 

Here at Hunting Illustrated, we’ve been scouring the internet for the very best wool clothing to ensure that you stay warm, cosy and safe whilst out enjoying your favourite pastime.

It’s only been in more recent times that man-made fibers (such as nylon or polyester) have made their way into the world of hunting gear.

Though these newer materials have been marketed to be cheaper and more comfortable than traditional garments (such as wool), this is not necessarily the case. 

Just think about it: wool, more specifically merino wool, has been a power player within the hunting and outdoor enthusiast's wardrobe for a long time, and for very good reason, too (which we’ll cover as to why further down!) 

Think about it: there’s a reason why wool has been a hunter’s favourite for decades and this article will highlight some leading clothing choices, all the while bringing you an easy to follow buyer’s guide and f.a.q covering any remaining questions you may have. 

Stick with us, we promise you wool not be disappointed. (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

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Best Wool Clothing For Hunting - Comparison Table

Best Wool Clothing For Hunting - Reviews

Looking for a quick buy? We’ve got you. 

The People's Merino Wool Hiking Sock is a perfect option for both men and women on a budget or simply looking for a useful feature to add to their hunting wardrobe. 

With a 71% merino wool blend (an impressively high concentration of this bestselling wool blend) these super cozy ankle-length sock provide good performance with added breathability and drying abilities. Impressive, right?

Not just for the cold either, the clever cut offers a superior airflow on hot days, making these socks ideal for using in the warmer months too due to their breathability, and the best part? These work out as the most affordable option in this article - without compromising on quality.

Regardless of what you’re looking to purchase, we think a staple outfit choice that you won’t regret while out hunting in the great outdoors is a good quality pair of socks, and with these having so many features and being a bestseller too (might we add!) they really are just the ticket.


  • Machine washable
  • Soft
  • 71% merino wool
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • 12 month warranty
  • Comfy and snug fit

Kicking our roundup off is the Kryptek Hoplite II Merino Wool, a durable yet totally lightweight (don’t worry, it’s not going to weigh you down) garment that you can be sure is going to keep you comfortable, warm and completely prepared for all your hunting expeditions... no matter how cold it gets! 

It is made of 100 percent merino wool that incorporates a really effective sweat-wicking system to ensure that you don’t just remain safe from the elements, but dry and comfortable, too. 

One feature that stands out to us is that it has been made with a breathable fibre, making it really ideal for those who plan on wearing it for an extended period of time. 

The cloth has an ‘athletic’ style, streamlined fit which allows for a snug (yet totally comfy) fit that also gives you the option to layer if you  feel like.

Added extras that we’re sure you’ll aprecciate is that the design of the wool cloth features a 50 percent UV protection, which will help to prolong the lifespan of your shirt, making it a great investment piece. 

Not only that, this particular hunting shirt also has antimicrobial properties that will help to kill any bacteria before it develops into body odour, wicking away moisture to ensure that the body is kept dry.

If you don’t want to feel weighed down, or you simply want a great layering base shirt, this hunting shirt definitely gets our seal of approval and is certainly worth your consideration.


  • Fully made of wool
  • Prevents moisture and eliminates scent
  • Lightweight
  • Antimicrobial properties


  • It is not entirely waterproof

Next up in our list comes the Kryptek Hoplite Merino Breathable Highlander Pants. Ideal as a base layer, these have been specifically designed to withstand blizzards, hot days and even cold nights, so you know you can count on these to do the job and then some.

These Highlander pants feature an aesthetically pleasing camo pattern that has been specifically designed to help increase stealth when pursuing a wide range of game in different types of geographical terrains. 

Speaking of stealth, don’t worry about scaring off animals! These pants make little to no sound while in motion, so you can really get the most out of your hunting trip.

Not only that, you’ll be able to enjoy freedom of movement thanks to their stretchy, athletic fit which will allow total maneuverability even in the most extreme situations, as well as being able to get into different types of shooting positions. 

Not only that, these base pants feature merino wool, a soft and durable wool that has been proven to surpass synthetic materials in almost every way. 

Why? Well, besides it being super durable and long lasting, merino wall is really lightweight and able to absorb 30% of its weight in moisture, releasing it into the air to leave you feeling dry and comfortable, so don’t worry too much about sweating.

Another exceptional trait that is worth noting is these pant’s impressive ability to keep odor at bay. 

The material itself is antimicrobial, meaning that you’ll remain odorless for up to several days of use. Not only will this ensure that you stay comfortable and dry, it is also quite important when it comes to concealability because aside from sound and sight, smell is also another obvious way for animals to spot you.


  • Odor control
  • Comfortable, stretch feel
  • They make no sound when in motion
  • Athletic style for ease of mobility


  • Higher price point

Another great choice worth considering is the Kryptek Men’s Merino Wool Baselayer Highlander Top. This impressive hunting shirt is made of 95 percent merino wool (so you can count on it’s durability) and 5 percent spandex to accommodate a little extra stretch.

Wondering what sets this long sleeve tee apart from the rest? Featuring a pullover zip design at the front, you can enjoy ease of use while also ensuring that you have every part of the upper body concealed and protected from all different types of weather and temperatures.

It is very soft, with the mainly merino material allowing for a lightweight fit that will make maneuvering easy as pie, especially thanks it's snug athletic style which allows room for layering. 

Not only that,  additional benefits come in the form of this long sleeve shirt containing natural anti-microbial properties which also minimises sweat and breathable side panels to regulate temperature and offer breathability.


  • Great at regulating temperature
  • Moisture wicking
  • Antimicrobial
  • Convenient pullover zip


  • Not suitable to be worn by women

Worthy of a spot on the list, the First Lite Women’s Merino Wool Long Sleeved Shirt is another great and affordable choice that will allow you to get the very best out of your hunting experience. 

Coming complete with a visually pleasing, no-frills design, this beautiful long-sleeved top is available in a camouflage design that will allow you to remain stealthy and unnoticeable as you navigate through different geographical terrains. 

It is one of the products made from merino wool, which essentially means that it is very soft, lightweight and easy to move in. 

Thanks to its breathable design, you will be able to enjoy a level of temperature regulation to remain comfortable, whilst moisture wicking means that you will be able to remain dry from perspiration, with any excess moisture being absorbed by the wool material and then expelled into the air.

The shirt gives the wearer the freedom to move from one place to another, and that is why you should consider it for your next hunting trip.


  • Lightweight
  • Sleek, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Stretch material for a tailored fit
  • Can be washed in a washing machine


  • For women only

Best Wool Clothing For Hunting - Buyers Guide

Sure, it might be cold out, but why should that mean you can’t enjoy a great hunting trip? Especially when you have this article bringing you the best in show for wool clothing. 

One thing to always remember is that hunting is not just about your skills, it is also very much about the equipment and gear that you have. Sure, you might be the best hunter there is, but if it’s close to freezing and you don’t have appropriate clothing, you’re going to find yourself having to call it quits pretty quickly. 

We don’t want that to happen, which is why, alongside our roundup of best wool clothing above, we have also made a buyer’s guide to help you understand what the features of wool clothing are, and why it’s so important to your hunting experience as you move into the colder months. 


One essential component you’re going to have to think about is how much that you are willing to spend. 

Generally speaking, by no means do you have to break the bank in order to find yourself some great quality hunting gear that is going to keep you warm and toasty, but you may need to be willing to part ways with ten or even hundreds of dollars.


When picking your wool hunting attire, you may very well find that you want a size a little bigger than your usual so that, if you find yourself in some adverse weather conditions, you can add an extra layer of clothing (underneath or over the top) and still feel comfortable. 

If in doubt over which size is going to be best for you, we recommend checking the size guide for accurate measurements.

Odor Resistance

Odor resistance is really important, especially when you plan on going on these extra long hunting trips, and this is one standout feature that sets wool apart from other types of materials.

Wool is naturally able to absorb moisture and move sweat away from the body, therefore lowering body odor. You will also find that most hunting apparel contain antimicrobial properties, which means that bacteria is killed before it can develop into body odor. 


You’ll find that all good quality hunting apparel will offer some level of breathability, whether from the fabrics used or features incorporated into the design. We think that picking wool clothing  is a good choice because you’ll feel comfortable and cozy. 

Wool has the natural ability to absorb up to around 30% of its own weight in moisture thanks to its hydrophilic makeup, which then is removed via a vapour to relieve any uncomfortability from perspiration. 

Wicking System

An important feature to keep an eye out for when choosing hunting products are those that incorporate a moisture wicking system into their designs. Wondering what it means, though? 

Well, moisture wicking is essentially the act of moisture being moved away from your skin (something that fabrics such as wool are known for being good at) which help you to stay dry and comfortable if you sweat, and also allow you to layer your clothing so that you stay protected from the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items do I need to create a warm hunting outfit?

As the old saying goes: layer up! If you’re worried about feeling uncomfortable, don’t be. The clever thing about wool, particularly merino wool, is that it has been specifically designed to offer breathability, meaning that you will stay dry, comfortable and oh so cosy. 

How much do I need to spend? 

That all depends on what you want to buy and, indeed, how much wool clothing you wish to purchase. Generally speaking, you will probably need to be willing to part ways with tens or hundreds of dollars (this article includes great wool hunting clothing at an excellent price point). 

Why wool?

Though you will find many different types of wool (dependent on the type of sheep it has been taken from) you’ll find that across the board, all types of wool generally share the same properties, and therefore serve to offer the same function. 

Thick and warm, this fabric is the perfect option for those that are exposed to the cold as wool is able to retain and hold your own body heat. Plus, thanks to it being a breathable textile, you’ll also find that you don’t sweat as much, meaning you’ll stay warm, cosy and comfortable.