How To Mount A Scope On AR-15 With Front Sight

The AR-15 rifle is very convenient to use having the exceptional, compact, and precise design. But what happens when you try to mount a scope on it by yourself?

Well, mounting a scope on AR-15 rifle is not tough at all, especially with front sight. But here, you to know the exact process.

You see, mounting the scope may seem a crucial task on AR-15 rifle when you are a beginner. Not just that, most people do not know how to mount a scope on AR-15 with front sight. Still, that does not mean that we are going to stop there.

No matter how difficult it seems, we believe that proper guidelines can always make things easier. That is why today, we will be giving you a detailed guideline on mounting scope on AR-15 rifles. So, prepare yourself to mount the scopes like a pro!

About Scope Mounting

Scope mounting is becoming a game-changer for long-range shootings. You can get super-precise results without getting near the target. Not just that, it also creates a superb opportunity for the rookies to excel in their job.

Scope Mounting

You will find different varieties of long range scopes. Each has unique specialties that enhance your skills. And so, by mounting it correctly, you can achieve the best results from your rifle.

What You’ll Need To Mount A Scope On Ar-15 With Front Sight

Before getting into the mounting process, you need to make sure that you have all the essentials to mount scopes on an AR 15 scope with fixed front sight.

So, start by including some wrenches and a leveling kit.  You can always borrow these items if you don’t want to invest too much.

Later on, pay attention to the mounting hardware like the scope rings and bases. These will ensure your preparation for the mounting procedure. And finally, grab some rubbing alcohol and a rag for cleaning.

How To Mount A Scope On AR-15 With Front Sight

Well done! You made all the preparations. So now, let’s begin mounting scope on AR 15 with front sight. Make sure you maintain the proper sequence while performing the following tasks.

How To Mount A Scope On AR-15 With Front Sight   

Step #1: Unload magazine

  1. Before starting anything else, take out the magazine carefully. It is a crucial step, and you should not skip it.
  2. After unloading the magazine, clean up any residue on the trails using rubbing alcohol.
  3. Go through all the screws and clean them individually. Make sure you don’t miss any spots.

Step #2: Scope mounts installation

  1. Secure your rifle in a holder so that it doesn’t move while working.
  2. Install your scope mount and adjust the screws with a torque wrench.
  3. Avoid placing the scope mount above your free-floating rail.

Step #3: Securing the rings

  1. At this stage, position the scope on your scope mount.
  2. Next, use the upper rings and tighten them to secure the scope in place. Be careful not to apply too much pressure here.

Step #4: Leveling and shooting

  1. Level your scope with a bubble level tool and adjust it to the correct alignment.
  2. After that, shoot and see if you notice any scope shadow or not.
  3. Repeat the process until you stop seeing scope shadows.

Common Scope Mounting Mistake to Avoid

Throughout the entire process, you might face difficulties at several stages. Some of these might lead to vital mistakes. That is why here we are presenting a few common mistakes that you should avoid while mounting AR scope with fixed front sight.

Common Scope Mounting Mistake to Avoid

Uneven tightening

Uneven tightening of the screws results in excessive torque that later on creates several problems. You can easily find the manufacturing guidelines regarding the torque. So, to follow that, use a torque-adjustable screwdriver.

Alignment errors

These errors often occur due to the over-tightening of the scope rings. Not just that, it can even crack your scope tube by applying too much pressure. That is why you have to check the alignment before shooting.

Leveling issues

Naked eyes cannot always determine the precise values. And so, you face these leveling issues. However, you can solve these problems by using scope-levelers. So, to avoid such circumstances, try to make the best out of the tools you have.


You might have a lot of misconceptions and confusion regarding mountinf scopes on AR-15 rifles at first. However, everything will fit in the right place when you start knowing how to mount a scope on AR-15 with front sight.

For your convenience, we’ve tried to include small and straightforward steps. And so, to maximize the outcome, go through all the steps at once and then begin the mounting process.

Till then, enjoy a great time shooting!

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