Hunting In Alabama

Hunting in Alabama is one of the most popular things to do. One of the best places to hunt in Alabama is Oak Mountain, State Park. You will find various game there, such as wild turkeys, squirrels, and white-tailed deer.

There are many different types of gear that you can use when hunting in Alabama, such as binoculars, camouflage clothing, and rifles. I never head to Alabama without my breathable hunting waders!

Hunting seasons for Alabama include summer, winter, fall, and spring, while it’s legal to hunt year-round with an annual permit from the Department of Conservation And Natural Resources (DCNR). When out on your next hunting trip, consider wearing hunter orange clothing so that other hunters know where you are!

Wild Turkey

One of the best game to hunt in Alabama is the wild turkey. The turkey is found throughout the state in both the countryside and woodlands. They are difficult to hunt because they have excellent eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell, making it hard for hunters to sneak upon them.The best time of year to hunt for wild turkeys would be during one of their breeding seasons, including early spring (March-April) or late summer/early fall (August-September). A hunter’s odds improve significantly if he hunts in a group since turkeys may not fly away from gunfire when they hear it over long distances but instead will run toward whatever direction the sound came from – right into waiting shotguns! The brownish-red feathers that cover most of its body can make spotting these birds quite tricky, so use binoculars and other hunting gear that can assist you on your hunt.

Squirrel Hunting

Squirrel hunting in Alabama is a popular pastime and can be done year-round. You will need to get a hunting license and purchase some squirrel hunting gear like camouflage clothing, tree stands, or live traps.

squirrel hunting

Squirrels are hunted for their meat, which many are considered the best tasting wild game in North America! Wild Alaskan salmon has been voted as one of the most flavorful seafood, but it’s hard to beat freshly roasted squirrel smothered with gravy on your dinner plate!The season usually starts around October and lasts until March, so you’ll have plenty of time to go out there and bag yourself a few gray ones if this sounds like something that interests you. The only problem would be finding someone who wants them when they’re all skinned, cleaned, cooked, and ready to eat. Squirrel meat is a small game that is similar to a rabbit, and many hunters will use the two interchangeably.

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail deer roam in abundance in Alabama, making them one of the best big game to hunt. Whitetail tends to travel the lands of eastern Alabama.In the fall, they will head to wooded areas and thick brush to escape harsh winters but come springtime, they are back out on the hillsides where their habitat has various foods available during this time. Hunting can be tough because whitetail deer tend not to have many predators such as mountain lions or bears that would keep them from breeding in numbers each year, making it difficult for hunters who are looking for meat rather than trophies since there is always plenty of game around if you know how to hunt!The whitetail deer season starts October 15th, with an end date sometime between December 31st and January 30th, depending on what zone you’re hunting in.

Best Hunting Gear for Alabama

The best gear to take with you hunting in Alabama is to wear camouflage for the season you are hunting! Wear green and brown clothing for fall, navy blue or tan clothes during wintertime. Black clothing should be worn when it’s warm out because you’re trying not to attract your prey’s attention, which would make it more difficult on hunters who don’t like seeing their quarry before they shoot them!

Hunting Gear for Alabama

Hunting During The Summer In Alabama

Varmint Hunting: Many varmints can be hunted year-round, but there isn’t any specific season, so this is an excellent option if you want to pursue without having other people nearby as well. This type of game includes groundhogs, cottontails, wood ducks, squirrels, etc. You’ll need a good hunting knife to clean any varmints caught.

Famous Squirrel Stew

Famous squirrel stew is a delicious meal you can make with your squirrels that you’ve hunted. This is a tasty dish with bacon, carrots, and potatoes in it, making for a hearty meal to fill up any hunter’s appetite after an afternoon of hunting!

Hunting In The Fall

Another season that hunters can take advantage of is fall. One thing about this time period is deer are usually on their breeding cycle, so there will be more competition between the males and more animals available for harvesting during this time. You’ll also need camouflage clothing because leaves have fallen off trees, making them visible from miles away if they’re not wearing different colors than what surrounds them, such as brown or green instead of red and orange, which would stand out against those kinds of backgrounds. If you want to bag a deer in the fall, it’s important to remember to be patient and wait for the perfect time to shoot your prey.

If game is scarce during this period, it can be a good idea to visit other areas that are known as hotspots in Alabama for deer, such as Lamar County or Lawrence County, which have higher populations of white-tailed deer than others. Still, they’re not guaranteed either so don’t rely on them alone!

Hunting In The Summertime

Summer has some benefits with hunting since there will be more breeding behaviors within the animals, making it easier to find someone careless enough to leave tracks leading up to their area. It also doesn’t get dark until well after nine o’clock every evening, meaning hunters can still hunt even if they had an afternoon job.

Alabama is a beautiful place to hunt due to the seasons being so bountiful and plentiful. Fall is the most popular season for hunting in Alabama, and it’s no wonder why all of these animals are preparing themselves to hibernate so they’re more vulnerable during this time, especially since their natural defense mechanisms have slowed down significantly, leaving them much easier to get close enough to with a rifle or shotgun!

Hunters must be aware that some game might not be out as early as others, such as deer, starting sometime later around October, but there will still be plenty of other seasons open at this point where hunters can take advantage of turkey and hog. Hunts that don’t require licenses!

In Conclusion

Hunting in Alabama is a prevalent pastime for locals and visitors who are looking for a good time outdoors, and after reading this article, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy the sport as well!

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