What is One Disadvantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand?

Elevated Stand, with no doubt, is a mandatory hunting gear for the professionals. When it comes to hunting for the entire season this is something the expert hunters never forget to include in the package.

Nevertheless, the tendency of  considering it as a block that reduces the adventure and thrill of the ground has some points to make sense. Because, for some hunters it is all about getting the reward even if they need to stand still on an elevated stand hours after hours.

On the contrary, there are hunters who never think of stalking their prey hiding  themselves under a bush let alone standing still on a tree stand for those long hours!

Based on that can you guess what is one disadvantage of hunting from an elevated stand?

Maybe you can but you are not done yet. There is still a lot more to learn to enhance your understanding on using or avoiding elevated stands. Let’s move on.

What is an Elevated Stand In Hunting

What is an Elevated Stand In Hunting

The Elevated Stand is an essential hunting gear that allows the hunter to secure an elevated position above the ground. Professional hunters who spend hours and days tracing their prey recommend these stands. Usually, bow hunters find them more effective as they need to take close shots. So, the elevated stands help them to remain unnoticed by the prey.

Elevated stands come in different shapes and sizes. But  Tree Stand and Tripod Box Stand are the most common stuff in the hunters community.  Let us know the fundamentals of these two.

Elevated tree stands are the ones you can set up on the trees using straps. You can find them in both open and enclosed categories for different weather conditions. Most of the tree stands are made of steel or aluminum. Moreover, to make these stands more affordable and portable, manufacturers have introduced three different types of tree stands: Climbing Stand, Ladder Stand, and Hanging stand.

Climbing Tree Stands are the lightest and most portable stands of all types. Their standing platform and seat are not attached. You have to join them using straps. Though they are mobile, they are not made for heavy persons. Also, they only suit specific trees that have fewer branches and are high enough.

The Ladder Stands have a ladder to climb on aside from the seat and the standing platform. They are less portable and bigger in comparison with the climbing stands. But, they are the most sturdy of all types and carry more than one person with ease.

The Hanging stands are the same as the ladder stands, just without the ladders. To set them on the trees you have to use different things like chains or cables. Also, not having a ladder makes them harder to climb on.

Tripod box stand is another primary type of elevated stand also known as Elevated Hunting Blinds. These are more solid, heavyweight, and enclosed types of stands. Because they remain in a stand that looks like a tripod, they have got their name. Also, they are available in a variety of built materials such as plywood, steel, etc. If you are planning a hunting tour for days, these are the best choices to sustain in extreme weather conditions.

What is One Disadvantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand

What is One Disadvantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand

As there are advantages of hunting with elevated stands like giving a wider field of view, keeping you safe, scent control, remaining unnoticed, and many more, disadvantages are also there you can’t oversight.

Above all, the biggest disadvantage of hunting from an elevated stand is that it hampers your mobility during hunting, and there’s always a greater risk of hunting accidents. Moreover, apart from the potential disadvantages, there are also some minor ones.

Like you can trace the prey easily, but you can’t run after it. Also, you will get minimum space to move. Besides, you will get less shots, most of the time only one shot. And, if you miss that shot, you miss the hunt. In addition, the elevated deer blinds, especially those made with steel, can get extremely cold during winter, resulting in hypothermia symptoms.

Tips for Preventing Injuries While Hunting from an Elevated Stand

As you already know that the elevated stands are gears that help you to remain in a high position from the ground when hunting. So, there’s a big chance of injuries to occur when on the stands. Here are some tips for preventing injuries while hunting from an elevated stand.

  1. Choose the suitable stand that fits with you and can carry you for an extended period.
  2. Be in proper clothing, especially in cold weather conditions.
  3. Always keep a first aid kit for emergency hunting incidents.
  4. Never hurry when climbing up and down, and make sure you have a proper grip. A safety harness would be an excellent choice to ensure safety.
  5. After you set the stand on the tree, never forget to double-check if everything is in place or not.


Till now you may have noticed that there are not any specific advantages or disadvantages of the elevated stands. Also, the disadvantages vary depending on the type of stands and the blood trail you are on.

So, choose the stands that fulfills your requirements. And, never forget to put on the body harness when sitting on the tree stands. Otherwise, it can lead to severe hunting incidents.

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